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If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll always be a drifter.

Who wants to drift through marriage? Parenting? Leading at work? Life?

Probably not you.

That’s what this eBook will help you prevent.  It’s designed to help you develop a plan for the life you want and a plan to achieve it.

“I think you could easily offer it for sale – it is really rich with great content and seems like a lot to give away just for opting in to your newsletter!” – Dr. Deborah Gilboa MD.  Aka; AskDocG.  Host of The TV Series iQ Smart Parents & Contributor to Huffington Post Parents.

Dr. G is right, we should be charging.  This eBook is available for a limited time for free.  Soon, it will cost you your hard earned money to get it.  About the time everyone is talking about it.  But you’ll get to say, “I read that last year, it changed my life.”

Write Your Life, A Four-Step-Plan To Influence A Better Tomorrow For Those You Lead and Love is more then just another free eBook.  It’s an eBook with a built in workbook.  No need to buy two different things.  (Or for now, download two FREE separate things).


There is no fluff and no unnecessary stories.  This 70 page workbook gets right to the point.  It has both information and worksheets designed to assist you.

Write Your Life is divided into five sections:

  • A short introduction in section 1 tells the story of how I discovered the power in writing letters for future dates and events to the people I care for most.
  • In section 2 I unpack the process and pitfalls to be mindful of.
  • Sections 3 and 4 will guide you through the reflecting, planning, clarifying and writing process.
  • Section 5 includes links and resources.

You will discover what’s really important for you to teach and what to model for those most important in your life.

It’s for:

  • Married Couples,
  • Singles,
  • Parents,
  • Those Hoping to be Parents,
  • Grandparents,
  • Those Hoping to be Grandparents, and
  • Workplace Leaders


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