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The idea and action steps I’m sharing in today’s post to build a more meaningful marriage can be applied to Valentines Day, your Anniversary or any other date you want.  I did Valentines Day 2014.


Give thought to your relationship, write a letter to your spouse with a promise, send it to them in the future and then work to deliver on that promise.


  • Think before you write.
  • I even spend some time in prayer first. I ask God to highlight areas of our relationship I need to work on
  • Include some details about current decisions you are facing together, it’s interesting to see how things work out in the future.
  • Avoid making promises you can’t keep.
  • Avoid mentioning outcomes you can’t influence or control. For example. I wouldn’t say “Well,. I’m sure by now you got that promotion you have been hoping for.” What if something happened and they didn’t get it? Sure, you want to be all Mr. or Mrs. Positive and Supportive…but you don’t want to sting them unintentionally.
  • Include one or two promises or goals. These can be anything. “By the time you read this, I’ll have painted all three bedrooms.” “I hope we play a board game one night a week for an entire year after the kids go to bed.” “I hope and pray that every time I tell you that I love you, you can reply with…’I Know.’.”
  • Make a copy of the letter and develop an action plan with smaller goals if necessary to hit the big goal or promise in the letter.
  • Schedule on your calendar once per week to read it. This ensures you remember to work on your promise.
  • If using email, use a personal email, not a work email. If you don’t trust they’ll still be using the same email address by then….write the letter by hand, make a copy for yourself, seal it in envelope and file it away. Since you will be reading the letter every week…you won’t forget to give it to them.
  • ?? What suggestions do you have ??

I’m recommending you use the website:  You can create a free account, verify your email address and then send an email to your spouse’s address in the future without them knowing.  Or, you can create the email and send it without an account.  Your spouse will get an email asking them to verify their email address.  They will not see the text of the email.  You will have to tell them you are up to this.  They might love the anticipation and fact you have thought ahead.  (Guys, you might really want to consider this option).


  1. Write a letter to your spouse in Evernote, Word, Textedit, etc.
  2. Go to
  3. Copy and paste the letter into the body of the email.
  4. Schedule the email and send it.
  5. Develop and implement your action plan to regularly review your letter and deliver on your promise..

What variations or other suggestions and tips would you make??

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