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Image courtesy of John Kasawa at

Image courtesy of John Kasawa at

I love being married. I love my spouse more. I focus on her more than I do the marriage. In fact, below is a link to a previous post about why I stopped working on my marriage a long time ago.

So, what do I mean by the title of this post? I mean it’s awesome. Oh wait, you thought I meant sucks as in the bad way. No no no. Read on to see what I really mean.


Have a Marriage That Sucks


My marriage SUCKS because of:

  • S. Sex. Let’s be adults and be honest. This is an amazing aspect of marriage. Intimacy with one person for life via sex is mind-blowingly awesome.
  • U. Unity. Working to be on the same page with your spouse is beyond just an essential aspect of a healthy marriage. Sure, it requires work. Yes, you will have disagreements. But, when done right…your entire day is better. When you realize that no matter how hard things are at home with the kids or at work, you have someone out there in the world that is in it with you to the very end. You are united with someone who loves you more than you love you. (BTW, say or text that to your spouse….I love you more than you love you)
  • C. Communication. Sharing the joys and frustrations of a day with the person in your life that wants the best for you is unbelievably rewarding. Your spouse should know you so well and want nothing but the best for your so bad, that they can speak wisdom and discernment into your frustrations and decisions. They should celebrate louder than anyone for your success’s. With strong communication, you’ll never feel, because you’ll never be, alone.
  • K. Kids. If you don’t have kids, I don’t think your marriage is broken or you are missing anything by not having kids. I don’t think your marriage is less than mine because I have kids and you don’t. But, I’m not going to ignore the fact that for those of us who have kids…wow. Raising little people that God let you make with another person is indescribable.
  • S. Submission. Practicing the art of fully submitting your will to your spouse will help you fully submit to God’s will. And, vice-versa. Personally, nothing has made me a better husband, parent, friend, leader or person than the fact that I work to fully submit myself to God and to my wife.


  • Tell your spouse; “I love you more than you love you.”
  • Write down an area of your life you haven’t submitted to your spouse and/or God. Work on that.
  • Plan a date with your spouse with Communicate as the theme.  Get instant access to my free eBook; Date Your Spouse.




Question: Which of these resonates most strongly with you? Which one of these do you enjoy most in your marriage? What would you add?

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