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Bible Study App For Kids by YouversionFor us, our family Bible study time is a circus inside of a zoo on an airplane that’s going down.

We do a family Bible “study” most nights with our 3 and 5 year old.

What are they learning?  Well tonight we focused on a monotheistic view of a triune God.  Just kidding….

Actually. Tonight we “read” the story of Jesus’s empty tomb.

We currently use The Bible App for Kids by YouVersion.  The app is amazing.

Here’s how our typical family Bible study goes.

  1. I hold the iPad and start the app.
  2. My kids jump onto the couch with excited glee. “We get to do a Bible” they both squeal.
  3. They then fight for about 60 seconds over who get’s to pick the story.  In the end, I decide who get’s to pick the story, and the other kid cries as if they have just watched me toss all their toys into a bonfire.
  4. After we all calm down, we start the Bible app.  It reads us the story, and the kids listen to the first 3 words and then argue about who get’s to push the button next.

To be honest.  I can’t remember a time somebody didn’t cry.  So why do we keep doing this?

Because our five year can pretty much retell the entire story of Moses leading God’s people out of Egypt.  Our three year old know’s that God sent an angel to keep the lions from eating Daniel.

Is this knowledge going to get them into Heaven?  Nope.  But, one day…hopefully after they ask Jesus to be the forgiver of their sins and the leader of their lives….they will recall these stories when they need him.  When a bully is teasing my son, he will hopefully recall God’s promise and ability to protect us.  Our daughter will be able to recall God’s desire to lead his people to safety.

Our kid’s get excited about engaging in God’s words every night.  That’s worth the parenting challenge.

Will it ever get easier?  I sure hope so…at least that’s what I’m telling myself.  But until then, it’s working.

To many parents think they can’t lead their kids in Bible study because their kids won’t “behave” during it.  To often parents believe this myth that Bible study should be calm, peaceful and full of religious muckety-muck.  Trust me, get your kid’s engaged with the word of God.  It’s going to be messy, and that’s okay.

It’s not always fun, but it’s worth it.  Right now, as toddlers, I’m trying to simply lay a foundation of the habit.

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