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Most married couples say that having a regular date night is imperative to health of their relationship. Most married couples admit they don’t do a great job at having a regular date night. They have all the intentions and desires to have date night, but life happens fast…put two lives together as one; and life accelerates.

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Date night is a habit. You’ll either have the habit to date, or not to date. I’m going to assume that you agree date night is important, and not spend time convincing you of this. Instead, this post….in fact one of the primary purposes of this blog….is to inspire meaningful marriages.

So let’s look at some ideas to make date night easier.


Date Night, Make It Happen..Or It Won’t.  


  • Calendar calendar calendar. You and your spouse must get your date night on the calendar. Especially if you have kids and need to arrange childcare.
  • Be spontaneous by planning the spontaneity out of it. The exact way this looks will vary from couple to couple. Your ideal date night could be a restaurant and movie. A night around the house. An activity like miniature golf or bowling. So, here is a framework that can be altered for your date night:
    • On individual pieces of paper write down restaurants you enjoy or want to try for the first time and put these in a container.
    • In another container add individual slips of paper with activities. You can add other containers as you want.
    • On or before date night draw one thing from each container. Agree to do whatever the slips of paper say and randomly draw from each to discover your date night plans. One person suggested listing your favorite TV and movie characters on individual slips of paper. Whichever you draw you have to act like that character when you interact with others out on the town. Or go high tech with the next tip….
  • There’s an app for that. There are several apps that do the similar thing as the above tip. Do a quick search in the app store and you’ll discover all kinds of apps designed to help spark ideas and romance.
  • Develop unique holidays. Pick a random day on the calendar or a specific anniversary of something special and/or quirky. Write up an official declaration, sign it, frame it and hang it on the wall. Then celebrate it every year. Here are seven ideas to get your creative juices flowing:
    1. Love Day.
    2. Hike In The Woods Together Day.
    3. Hold Hands For Six Hours Without Letting Go Day.
    4. Volunteer Together Day.
    5. Look At The Stars Night.
    6. Day of Silence.
    7. Never Get Out Of Bed Day.
  • ?What other Tips and Suggestions Do You Have?


  • Write up a contract with your spouse agreeing to date frequency terms.
  • Calendar your next date.
  • Look for an app.
  • Ask an accountability friend outside of your marriage to hold you accountable to do this.
  • Share in the comments an idea you have for date night or an invented holiday.



  • What’s an idea for date night you have? How do you and your spouse ensure date night happens?
  • Add your thoughts to the comments or on my Facebook Page

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