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Go ahead, steal ideas for your wife.

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Recently I was asked a very interesting question on Facebook. For our wedding anniversary I changed my profile picture on Facebook and Twitter to this…

I Love My Wife

Feel free to download and use.


I encouraged other husbands to do the same thing. Later that day (or maybe the next) a husband posted this question. “I like the idea, but does it still mean the same if you have to be told to do it?”

Guys, we have to stop thinking like this. After all. What’s more important, your wife’s comfort and happiness or your ego? Besides, we are smart enough to tweak any idea to make it a bit different…which is all it takes to make it special.

I heard a wife being interviewed on the radio say that husbands need to tell their wives that they would choose them again. And, that we need to communicate this to our wives regularly. So I thought, “what the heck.” I grabbed my phone and texted my wife…”Hey, thinking of you and wanted to say I’d choose you again. I love you.

She replied, “Thanks. What did you do?”

Just kidding, she replied, “Thanks, I love you to.” And no….it didn’t bother me at all that she should have used “too” instead of “to”. That night when I got home from work, Marissa greeted me with a smile and again said, “Thanks for my text message today.”

It really meant a lot to her. I told her that I hadn’t thought of it but heard someone suggest it. She only wanted to know that I meant it.

After all:

  • You’re not the first guy to ask his girlfriend to marry him…and she loved that
  • You’re not the first guy to repeat wedding vows, but she loved hearing you say them
  • You’re not the first man to say “I Love You” yet your wife still loves hearing you say that
  • You’re not the first guy to send flowers
  • You’re not the first to get a card or candy for valentines day

…yet she appreciates all of them.So why copy what is already done so often it’s common place. Why not steal (or borrow if that makes you feel better) the unique ideas as well?


Husbands, Steal For Your Wife


  • Change a profile picture (click here to download the one I created for my wife)
  • Text your wife at 2:18 and tell her you are glad she’s in your life. (Genesis 2:18 …it’s not good for man to be alone…)
  • With your wife, pick a random day on the calendar that isn’t anything already. Just a normal day. Make it “Our Day”. Then, every year plan something special for “Our Day”.


  • Husbands, ask your wife on a date. On the date, talk about what she’d like for you to do for her that would show her your love in action.
  • Start a married men’s Bible study group. Ask a couple guys to meet once a week. Use a Serendipity Bible to guide an hour or so Bible study. For example, meet every Tuesday at 7:30 at Bob Evans.
  • Have you heard an idea but are having trouble thinking of a way to modify it? Email me directly, I’ll help come up with some creative ideas to modify it or give you a unique ideas that I’ll totally make up.



Question: Wives, would you prefer your husband steal (and tweak a bit) an idea or do nothing at all? Husbands, what is the best thing you have done for your wife that another husband could steal?

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