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Purpose Must Be Priority

Today’s post is a guest article by Author Jeremy Kingsley. I’m honored to share with you his article, recommend his book and provide a link at the end of the article so you can get one of my new favorite leadership books. You’ll see why this book has a permanent place on my Leadership Resource shelf.


Update March 28th 2013.


Since Jeremy guest posted for me, he has appeared a few times on Fox Business and on Fox and Friends.  It was pretty cool to see a guy who wrote on my blog on TV.  Here are links to his appearances.  I’ve provided links at the end of this post where you can order his book.





Jeremy’s Post…..

As the leader of your team, you must clearly understand and be able to pass on the purpose of your organization and your team’s role within that organization. If you don’t know the purpose of your efforts, you certainly won’t be able to inspire your team to success.

Communicating purpose will take more than requiring your team to memorize the company mission statement, however. It must become part of the culture of what everyone in your organization thinks about, says, and does each day. It will influence decisions made at the top and choices made by the “lowliest” employee.

Keep your own sense of purpose honed and sharp. You are the leader. Keep that big picture in mind and know exactly where you are and where you are going. Communicate your enthusiasm and dedication. Carry everyone else along with you. It will take energy and effort, but no one said that being a leader was easy.

Grow together. At times, it may seem that everyone has a different purpose, and that paths are diverging. Make sure that everyone sees the way back to the common goal, and that the impact their work will have on it is clear to them. It is as if each team member must make a brick, ensuring that it is strong and free from flaws, and then firmly set it in place, among others, so that the next course can rest safely upon it.

Friday is a great time to bring your team together, to review the week, discuss the one to come, and end the working day with a sense of triumph, feeling united, energized, and eager for what lies ahead.

I’m a runner, I know how my legs ache halfway through a race, and at work my head often hurts at some point during a week. It is purpose that carries tired limbs and overburdened minds on until a second wind comes and that tape is in view. Purpose fathers that final burst of energy that carries your team over the line, with the broken tape fluttering at their feet. Purpose paves the way to victory. “Good leaders,” it’s been said, “create an organization with a purpose that rises above the bottom line; great leaders go a step further, finding ways to leverage the passion of each employee in order to create incentives that transcend financial rewards.”

What does this statement mean? I think it’s saying that to be an exceptional leader, you must discover ways to link the passions of each individual on your team with the purposes of your organization. You may have to find ways to do this that go beyond traditional methods. As you get to know your team, you’ll discover more about their individual desires and goals and how they define their purpose in life. It may be based on their family values, faith, or recent experiences. Pay attention to these clues! The more you can find common ground between your organization’s goals and purposes and the individual goals and purposes of each member of your team, the more effective and happy they will be on the job.

You won’t regret making purpose a priority.


About the Author

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Jeremy Kingsley is a professional speaker, author, and the President of OneLife Leadership. Since 1995 he has spoken to over 500,000 people at live events around the world. He has given over 2000 keynote speeches and his messages have reached millions through radio, television, and the internet. He has a new book titled Inspired People Produce Results, published by McGraw-Hill. Order now and learn more at




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How to Be a Great M.O.T.H.E.R.

This is a “guest” post by my wife, Marissa. I’m so excited to have her along for the ride. Please enjoy her post and leave a comment below.


My daughter’s in a “follow me” stage, meaning she will take us by the hand, spout out “follow me” in her beautiful 28 month old way, and then pull you wherever she wants you. This is wonderful to me, her voice makes me smile, her attempts to pull an adult that’s over 4 times her size is hysterical, and her desire to share things with me warms my heart.

Image courtesy of stockimages at

Image courtesy of stockimages at


But this makes me think about my job as her Mother, I long for my children to “follow me” in life, to allow me to take them by the hands and lead them.

However, before I can expect them to follow, I must ask, “am I worthy of being followed”.

Being a M.O.T.H.E.R. is not easy, and there’s no checklist, or acronym that can contain all the things she needs to be, but I pray that this will be food for thought.

  • Be a MENTOR:: which is different than a teacher, this is more of a guide. Guides point things out, ask/answer questions and help the people that are with them. Show them how to live, remember More is Caught Than is Taught.
  • Be ORIGINAL:: I feel like motherhood in America has become a contest; who feeds the most organic, who does the most crafts, she breastfed, the list goes on and on. STOP IT MOMS, stop comparing your mothering to others. (tweet that) We are all created differently, so be the mom that God created you to be. It’s fine to do crafts, eat organic, give an allowance, or have chores, but don’t do those things out of pressure.
  • Be TRUSTWORTHY:: this means that you’ve proven you can be trusted. Don’t tell your girlfriends your kid’s secrets, remember important things in their lives, show up when you say you will, follow through on disciplines. When you show you can be trusted your kids will be more likely to listen to you.
  • Be HOMEWARD FOCUSED:: I’m not saying to be a stay-at-home-mom, but the Bible’s clear that a mom needs to make sure that all the affairs in her home are taken care of first, relationally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically.
  • Be EMPATHETIC:: When we put ourselves in our children’s shoes we can help, relate to, and lead them so much better. If your middle schooler is crushed because her “boyfriend” dumped her, don’t just laugh it off, think back (I can remember when Craig dumped me in 5th grade, and how much it hurt). We need to understand that they are experiencing very real emotions.
  • Be RESPECTFUL:: Of them and their father. Show your children that their dad is worthy of respect. Don’t be a bully just because you have the power, don’t be mean because you can get away with it. You kids are people, treat them with respect. **Sidenote: if you think they’re doing something wrong, rule-breaking, or dangerous, you don’t need to “respect their privacy”, find out! **

Put them all together and we have:

Homeward Bond

This is a follow up post to How to Be A Great F.A.T.H.E.R.

Update / April 9th 2013.  @MarissaDingler now has her own blog.

What would you add to the list of what makes a great mother?

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