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If you are married and a workplace leader….this post is for you.

Image courtesy of -Marcus- at

Image courtesy of -Marcus- at

Many husbands (and all men) have a nature that is a fixer. We want to fix things….we want to fix everything.

There are two big challenges about this.

  1. If you do this all day at work, you’re not helping your team learn and grow into the best team you could have. And, you are probably in “Mr. Fixit” mode when you get home from work.
  2. If you treat your wife like an employee and try to fix all of her problems…you’ll soon find yourself with a much bigger problem.  Something like a cast iron skillet upside the head kind of problem.

One of the greatest lessons I believe my wife and I learned in our pre-marriage counseling was this:

Sometimes, my wife just needs to verbally vomit.

Being a mom (regardless if you they are a stay-at-home or working out of the home) is a very tough and challenging job. Heck, living on planet earth around human beings is challenging enough. Mom’s (aka your wife)…like you…get frustrated and needs to vent.

Husbands, there are times your wife will want your input to fix a problem.

Husbands, there are times your wife wants you to listen, empathize with her, hug her and then shut-up.


Let Your Wife Verbally Vomit


  • When your wife starts sharing a frustration with you, ask…”What can I do?”
  • Talk with your wife when life is going great. Explain to her that it would help you help her if she would start conversations with:
    1. I’d like your input on something or
    2. I need you to just listen to me for a bit and agree.
  • Study your wife’s body language. (Now get your mind back to the topic at hand, I didn’t say study your wife’s body. Study her body language) She’s communicating more to you without her words then what she is actually telling you with her words.
  • NEVER treat your wife as an employee…she should kick you if you do.
  • Ask, “Do you want to know what I think?” before you share your bright idea.
  • Talk, talk and talk with your wife.
  • Clearly communicate to your wife before you vent; “I need your input….” or “I need to vent for a second, this stupid blogger guy said….” (It’s okay, I know you aren’t talking about me)
  • Ignore the title of this blog post. Help your wife fix her problems…when she wants you to.
  • ?What other Tips and Suggestions Do You Have?


  • Plan a time to talk with your wife about how you know when she needs your input and when she just needs you to just listen.



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