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My day job has some pretty decent hours to it.

I have to be intentional to keep my priorities in line.  They are pretty simple.

  1. My personal relationship with God.  I start every day at 5am to have time for prayer, reading the Bible and reflection.
  2. My relationship with my wife…more on that in a second.
  3. My relationship with my kids…starting my day at 5am also gives me time in the evening to play with the kids.
  4. My family and friends…we like to visit…and since we don’t have TV and my parents do, we tend to visit them a good bit, lol.
  5. My Jobs.  Running Aldersgate.  And, this blog and speaking.

It’s easy for these to start working in reverse order.  I have to be intentional to keep things straight.  Overtime, I do drift out of alignment.  But a bit of focus, and we are back on track.

So, I have to be intentional about my relationship with my wife, Marissa.

One of the thing’s we do is come up with unique ways to communicate and be involved with each other throughout the day.

Here’s a simple quick game we play with our cellphones.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at


One of us will start the game by texting…”One Letter Text Game” and then the first letter of a word we are thinking of. The other person text back their guess for that word. The game starter replies, “Nope” and the next letter or “Yep” if the other guesses correct.

Here are a couple rules.

  1. No using Google or other internet sites to help.
  2. You must wait at least one hour to text a reply…after all…we still have work to concentrate on.

Another variation. We will text an extreme close-up picture of something in my office or at home.  The other person has to guess what it is.

We have lots of games like this. Would you like to hear more?

What a variation you can think of?
Whats something you and your spouse do to stay connected throughout the day?

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