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If you are searching for an experienced keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and event coordinator; you’ve landed on the right website.


“His knowledge of the subject matter to which he speaks combined with his wit and sence of humer have made him a popular draw and have left our audiences always wanting him to come back.”

Rick Stout

“He has a gift of speaking to others about God and teaching them why God should be in their life. Eric has helped my faith grow stronger, and become a firm believer.”

Charles McDonald

I can help you succeed by ensuring that the content you ask me to deliver aligns with your event’s goals in providing the outcome you want for those in attendance.

Recent Engagements

Workshop facilitator for a team from The Ohio State University
Keynote Speaker
Workshop Facilitator

I speak primarily wearing one of the five following hats

  1. As a pastor at a church or event with the sole purpose of presenting and offering an opportunity for people to respond to the Gospel message.
  2. As a youth ministry guy with 15 years summer camp experience at youth events to present truth utilizing humor and energy to present the Gospel and give students the opportunity to respond to it.
  3. As a workshop facilitator at businesses and organizations as a team building facilitator to help a team be more successful.
  4. As a leadership coach one-on-one with a guy in leading himself, his family and his team better.
  5. As a keynote speaker inspiring and motivating the audience on why and how to take one action step to achieve the desired outcome your event is trying to help them accomplish.

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We have a 100% refund of our speaking fee if you aren’t completely satisfied!

What you can expect

  1. A quick reply to all your communications to me.
  2. An in-depth consultation with me to ensure the content I prepare delivers on your specific goals for those in attendance.
  3. If your event is public, I’ll promote your event with social media and my other avenues of communication with my tribe.
  4. Custom resources designed to both equip your audience with tools to succeed and add even more value to your event.
  5. A quick follow-up to ensure I met your expectations.
  6. A follow-up message via your email list or social media to engage your attendees after the event to encourage them in taking action on what they learned.

I often speak along with my wife on marriage and parenting.

Eric and Marissa are perhaps one of the most passionate couples who want to reach families that I have ever come across in my 10 years of ministry. Together they both compliment one another so well on stage that they truly are a dynamic duo for reaching families and strengthen marriages. Their humor made you laugh. Their insights caused you to grow. Their passion for reaching families was contagious. From a pastor who is responsible for leading families, I would work with them any chance I had because not only will they deliver results but also they were great to serve with. 
-Brett Faris, Executive Director at Pregnancy Solutions & Services
Brett Faris

Check Our Availability

We have a 100% refund of our speaking fee if you aren’t completely satisfied!

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