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My Tools


  • I launched this self-hosted blog following this Michael Hyatt’s step-by-step video in under 20 minutes.
  • I currently use four different themes from Elegant Themes.  They have AMAZING online Tech Support.  They’ve answered every, “I want to change XYZ to look like LMNOP.  How do I do that?”  Normally within 10 minutes I have the CSS code to copy and paste into WordPress.
  • I use BlueHost to host my blog.
  • I publish with MarsEdit.
  • I keep everything organized and capture all my new ideas in Evernote.
  • I use MailChimp to organize and handle all of my email subscribers.


Blogs I Recommend


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Many of these links are affiliate links.  All of these links are to products and services I use and trust.

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