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My 2 year old daughter's wedding

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I had a strange start to my day. I cried while thinking about the “upcoming” wedding of my daughter.

I used quotes around upcoming, because my daughter is only 2 years old. But like it or not, I can’t stop today from becoming tomorrow’s yesterday.

It all started after I read a post on All Pro Dad about 10 year goals for families. I chuckled at the idea at first. 10 year goals, we just want our daughter to get potty training down. Using silverware would be a nice added bonus. 10 year goals…what an absurd idea.

But as I thought about the idea more. My thinking shifted.

10 years isn’t all that long. I mean, our daughter was born last tuesday and today she’s already 27 months old. Before long, she will be potty trained, then what? Counting? ABC’s? Whistling? Geometry? Driving? Dating? Graduation? Then the big W came to mind. A Wedding?  Holy cow!  A Wedding.  And just like that, my daughter was getting married.

Here is the scariest thought of all!

All of my behaviors are adding up to the man she’ll be looking for. I suddenly realized in that moment, the awesome responsibility I have in living my life for our two kids to see.


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Questions you should answer….

  • How am I treating my kids?
  • How am I treating their mom/dad?
  • How am I treating others?
  • How am I modeling love?
  • How am I handling our money?
  • How am I handing my relationship with God?
  • How am I handling my work/responsibilities?
  • How am I handling pressure and stress?

I decided to write the next letter to my daughter. I like writing to my kids in the future. I tell them about what’s going on currently in our family life. Major decisions I’m in the middle of making. What I hope to have taught them by the time they read the letters. All sorts of things.

Tonight I’m starting a letter to my daughter for her to read on her wedding day. I want to tell her what I want her to know about marriage. I want to tell her what I hope her husband is like and how he will treat her. I want her to know she’ll still be my little girl that would run and wrap her little 2 year old arms around my legs when I would walk in the door from work. I want her to finish reading the letter and say, “But dad, you’ve already taught me all of this.”

Tonight I write the promise letter to my daughter for her marriage. Tomorrow, I continue my best to model and teach her the lessons she’ll need for every promise in my letter to be true.


  • Write a letter to your kids in the future.
  • Share this post with your spouse.


Questions: What future are you working on for your kids? Do you write letters to your kids? What other traditions along these lines do you have?

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