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 To get the most out of this blog you need to know:
  1. What I know about you.
  2. That I’ll be sharing strategies and insights for Whole Life Leadership.
  3. A bit about me.
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What I know about you.

  • Your time is valuable and limited.

I promise to give you personal, family and workplace leadership information that:

  1.  Jives with what I know about God.
  2. Will add value to your life.
  3. Is short and to the point (my goal is keep post under 500 words).

Whole Life Leadership Defined

If you are a Christian who has a family and works, you are like me.  This blog is for us.  God cares how we handle what he has allowed us to have.  My desire is to help you and me be better stewards of our personal life and time, our families and our careers.  These things combine to make up our Whole Life.

A bit about me.

I believe God is allowing me to have the life I’m experiencing so I can share from its abundance.  And, abundance he has allowed (the bad variety) and given (the good stuff).

Personal life 

    • I grew up in a very loving Christian home.
    • Went to college and experienced the world on my terms.  I left Jesus at home for a long time – hint, hint.  I tried to succeed without Christ, and failed. But here I am, on the other side of that lifestyle…and I want to share with you from living life both ways, what I’ve learned.
    • I like to read.  I search for ways to be the best steward of the time, gifts and responsibilities God has given me.


    • At age 33 I got married for the only time to my best friend and wife, Marissa.  For those of you married; I’m living and surviving the challenges, tensions, rewards and celebrations of this new collective life of “us, we, ours”.
    • We now have two children, so I understand parenting concerns and the struggle of time for work versus time for family.


    • I lead three unique expanded ministries that combined are Camp Aldersgate.
    • I’ve spoken to tens of thousands of people on all sorts of subjects.
    • I’ve hired, trained and provided leadership for hundreds of seasonal staff over 16 years.
    • I lead a year round team, and learn from this experience all the time.
    • Running a seasonal operation within a year round ministry; I’ve had the chance to try new things, reuse what worked best and dump the stuff that tanked.

Thank you for subscribing to this blog so we can learn and grow together.

What is your greatest leadership challenge?



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