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Using pretty much anything at your disposal that will play a movie, you can create a drive in move experience for your kids.


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Creating memories with the kids on snowy days.


A Quick Note Of Safety

When you setup your drive in movie in your garage.  You won’t want to run the vehicle, the build of exhaust fumes will be dangerous.


No Projector? No Problem!

As Eric mentioned in the video, you don’t need a projector and screen.  In fact, you don’t even need a garage.


Three Quick Ideas

  1. Use a TV or even a Laptop in the back of the van.
  2. Set all of this up at the end of your bed.  Have everyone hangout on the bed…works great if you have Queen or King sized bed.
  3. Set up your movie watching gear in the basement, or even the attic.


The Equipment I Used

Here is a list of the equipment I used, or recommend.

  1. The projector is an Optima 160S.  We personally own one of these, and I’ve bought two for work.  They are great projectors.  And, when we did have a problem with one, they tech support and warranty people were amazing.  I’ve never been impressed with projectors that have built in speakers.  The sound quality has always seemed low.  I also really prefer to have the speakers spread apart, much better stereo sound effects.
  2. This is a great priced projection screen.  I wouldn’t buy the one I used again.  I’d buy this one if I needed a screen.
  3. I couldn’t find the portable CD player with detachable speakers I used.  It’s an iSymphony brand unit.  A bit on the cheap end, but worked for our purposes..and if it does get ruined, I’m only out $30.  When looking, just make sure you get a unit that has the connection you’ll need to input the audio.  This can be done with a 3.5mm to 3.5mm jack form a laptop into a headphones input, or I used an RCA input.

If you would like some specific help, use our Contact Us page and we’ll be happy to help in anyway we can.

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