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There are three things everyone you lead wants.  Significance, acceptance and security.

If you haven’t already read Part 1 of this series.  I recommend you do that first.

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Image courtesy of Idea go at

Getting your team to feel secure takes time.  Your team won’t ever feel secure until they know they are significant and accepted.

Here’s what we do.

  • Clearly Communicate.  You really can’t over communicate to your team.  You can over use a style of communication….rambling in or having to many meetings, the never ending email message, constant text message interruptions, etc.  But, using a balanced approach of methods…you can’t over communicate to your team.
  • Involve your team in minor and major decisions.
  • Invite feedback.  We have a private Facebook page where I regularly post ideas for new purchases, changes to systems, etc.  Staff can give input and have dialogue.  I get some of my most valuable feedback on this page.  Everyone can participate.  I’m careful to only ask questions and listen here.  I never “rebuke” an idea nor do I announce the final decision on the page.
  • I get personal with my team.  We talk about life outside of work.  I want to know their dreams , fears and needs.  I’m pretty sure Theodore Roosevelt first said, “People don’t care how much you know, until they
    Image courtesy of Idea go at

    Image courtesy of Idea go at

    know how much you care.”

  • Constantly talk about vision.  Knowing that the organization is headed somewhere and has a clear road map to get there eliminates a significant area of stress for a lot of people in the workplace.  Feeling secure in knowing there is a plan for the future frees people to be focused and more creative. (tweet that)
  • Have, use and share a solid set of core values as your decision making filter.  My team knows that I’m always going to be coming at decisions from our core values.  This levels the playing field.  They know what we value as an organization.  They are secure in knowing their decisions will be backed up by me if they use our core values to make their decisions.
  • Refuse to allow gossip.  We have made gossip the number one thing on a very short list of immediately fireable offensives.  We tell people in their interviews…”We are looking for people who detest and will abstain from gossip at all cost.”  We then train them on our policy to and definition of Gossip. We ask people during every evaluation “Did you detest and abstain from gossip at all cost?”  Our team never has to worry what others are saying about them at  the water cooler.  It’s always going to be positive.  Plus, we don’t have a water cooler…but we do have a drinking fountain.
  • ??  What would you add ??  There is more we do, but I’d love to have dialogue around some of the ideas you have.

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