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Last week we tilled our garden to begin getting the soil ready for a great summer of gardening family fun.

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS at

Image courtesy of AKARAKINGDOMS at

I’m super excited this year to include our daughter Rilee more in our garden experience. But, she’s only two and half. So, unless I make a kid friendly garden…my desire to have her more involved won’t happen.  So I’ve made a list of ideas for our garden.


A Kid Friendly Garden For The Entire Family



  1. Plant a rainbow. I’m going to plant 2 foot squares full of one colored flowers that, when in bloom, will look like a rainbow.
    • For red I’ll plant – Dianthus, petunia, or zinnia.
    • For orange and yellow – Marigold or calendula.
    • Green – I probably use mint.
    • Blue and Violet – Dianthus, petunia, or zinnia can also bloom in the blue, violet or purple colors.
    • Once the flowers are in bloom, we can walk in the garden and talk about colors.
  2. Make a counting row. Plant 1 tomato plant by itself. Then, plant two next to each other. Then, three. Then, four. When it’s planted it will look like the signal indicator bars on a typical cell phone.
  3. Plant a pizza. Lay down a holahoop. Section the inside like a pie. In each section plant a different pizza topping or herb. Garlic, onion, tomato, basil, oregano, etc. Mid to late summer you’ll be able to harvest your ingredients and cook a pizza together as a family.
  4. Plant a salsa area. Same idea with the pizza, plant all the ingredients you want in your salsa in one area.
  5. Potato Towers I’m going to lay down two or three tires side by side. Fill each one with soil and plant my potatoes in the soil. When the potatoes get high enough, I’ll add another tire. Once the potato plants are about one inch above the the next tire, I’ll fill that tire with soil and repeat. Then, when it’s time to harvest the potatoes, remove one tire at a time and the little ones can easily knock away the dirt to find the potatoes.
  6. Corn Plant four or five rows of corn. This is simply a fun area to walk through.
  7. Square Watermelon. Build small boxes about 8 inches square. When your watermelon start to come on, place one watermelon in each box still attached to the vine. Your watermelon will grow into square watermelon. I’m going to try pumpkins this way as well.
  8. Make a scarecrow.
  • ?What other Tips and Suggestions Do You Have?


  • Sketch out a plan for your garden.
  • Print or bookmark this post so your reminder to try these things when it’s time to plant your garden




  • What idea do you have?
  • Which idea is your favorite?
  • Do you have any memories of gardening with your parents, kids, grandparents, or others?
  • Add your thoughts to the comments or on our Facebook Page

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