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At one time in my life, this website was dedicated to helping leaders lead at work and at home.

While these are core foundations I still teach, I now offer the “leading at home” content through new blog posts on the website of the weeknight church in Virginia Beach we lead called Coastal City Church.

Now on, I focus on providing content that helps brand leaders develop, deliver and promote their brand.  Learn more by checking out my about page.

I leave this post live on this site because it’s viewed several times per day.  I still enjoy knowing that people are finding this helpful in creating a fun activity for kids.



Don’t let this family fun activity intimidate you. It’s a lot easier than you might think and it’s crazy cool! Build the launcher once, and you have it for years to come. Plus, you have a built-in reason to enjoy some root beer floats. 🙂

More Than Just Fun

In addition to being fun, these activities can also do the following for you and your family.

  • Teach your kids about using toolsRocket on launcher ready to be sent flying
  • Encourage creativity
  • Have some quality family time enjoying root beer floats
  • Teach your kids how to read and follow instructions



Barrier Busters To Help Make These Activities Easier

Launcher Schematic




  • Use a different amount of rocks in the cone cup.
  • Put a different number of fins on the rocket
  • Try out more or less pressure

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