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I want my kids to have the best.

  • The best relationship with God.
  • The best spouse.
  • The best careers.
  • The best financial situation for them.
  • The best giving spirit.
  • The best attitude.
  • The best work ethic.
  • The best character.

I want to teach them wisdom.

hands-1340528044Que Hands by George Hodan

Notice the list doesn’t contain material possessions….that’s on purpose.  It’s more important to me that my kids have the best life, not the best toys. The best relationships, not the best clothes.  The best character, not the best “whatever material good you want to insert here“.

But how do I equip them for all of this?  Won’t they need to be wise to obtain all of these things?  Sure.  But again, how do I equip them with wisdom?

I believe my best option is to

  1. help them learn relevant scripture,
  2. what it means for us today and
  3. how to apply it in life.

I will start with the Proverbs.

Why the Proverbs?

in his book; Proverbs: A Commentary on an Ancient Book of Timeless Advice, Robert Alden says

“Proverbs provide both a goal and a route.  The goal is successful living and the route is the way of wisdom”

When it comes to wisdom: what is true isn’t new, what is new isn’t true.  (tweet that)

My kids are both under three as I write this post…so I’ve got some time to work on it.  But, when my wife and I agree they are ready to memorize scripture, we will have our starting point.

I was looking for a way to compile the list, study it, prayerfully consider it, get my wife’s input and end up with something to work from to teach my kids.  I decided that my blog was a great place to do this so I could seek input of others and help other parents looking to teach their kids.

I would love for you to be a part of this.

  • Please share Proverbs you think are great for kids to learn.
  • If you have other ideas or relevant scriptures that come to mind to support one of the Proverbs on the list, share that.
  • If you think a Proverb shouldn’t be on the list…I’d love to hear that as well.

The following list is a  WORK IN PROGRESS.  I’ll be adding and deleting as I continue to prayerfully read and consider the Proverbs for my kids.

All the following are from the NIV.  I’ll be exploring and choosing other translations after I finish the list.  KEEP IN MIND…the list looks very long now, it’s a work in progress.



Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.  Put away perversity from your mouth: keep corrupt talk far from your lips. – Proverbs 4:23-24

There are six things the Lord hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours lies and a man who stirs up dissension amount brothers.  -Proverbs 6: 16-19   NOTE: The whole six and seven thing can be confusing. The seventh thing on the list, a man who stirs up dissension amount bothers, happens when we do any of the preceding six things.  It’s how numbers were handled in synonymous parallelism in Hebrew poetry.  In the end….I want my kids to know God hates all seven.

The man of integrity walks securely, but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.  – Proverbs 10:9

The wages of the righteous bring them life, but the income of the wicked brings them punishment.  – Proverbs 10:16

What the wicked dreads will overtake him, what the righteous desire will be granted.  – Proverbs 10:24

When pride comes, then come disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.  – Proverbs 11:2

The integrity of the upright guides them, but the unfaithful are destroyed by their duplicity.  – Proverbs 11:3

He who puts up security for another will surely suffer, but whoever refuses to strike a hand in pledge is safe.  – Proverbs 11:15

He who guard his lips guards his life, but he who speaks rashly will come to ruin.  – Proverbs 13:3

The sluggard craves and gets nothing, but the desires of the diligent are fully satisfied.  – Proverbs 13:4

Pride only breeds quarrels, but wisdom is found in those who take advice.  – Proverbs 13:10

Dishonest money dwindles away, but he who gathers money little by little makes it grow.  – Proverbs 13:11

Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.  – Proverbs 13:12

He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffer harm.  – Proverbs 13:30

The wisdom of the prudent is to give though to their ways, but the folly of fools is deception.  – Proverbs 14:8

A simple man believes anything, but a prudent man give thought to his steps.  – Proverbs 14:15

He who despises his neighbor sins, but blessed is he who is kind to the needy.  – Proverbs 14:21

All hard work brings profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.  – Proverbs 14:23

A patient man has great understanding, but a quick-tempered man displays folly.  – Proverbs 14:29

How much better to get wisdom than gold, to choose understanding rather than silver!  – Proverbs 15:16

The highway of the upright avoids evil; but who guards his way guards his life.  – Proverbs 16:17

Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.  – Proverbs 16:18

Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is he who trust in the Lord.  – Proverbs 16:20

It is not good to have zeal without knowledge, nor to be hasty and miss the way.  – Proverbs 19:2

Wine is a mocker and beer is a brawler; whoever is led astray by them is not wise.  – Proverbs 20:1

Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare.  Proverbs 20:13

It is a trap for a man to dedicate something rashly and only later to consider his vows.  – Proverbs 20:25

UPDATE 1/13/13

All a man’s easy seem right to him, but the Lord weighs the heart. – Proverbs 21:2

To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice. – Proverbs 21:3

He who pursues righteousness and love find life, prosperity and honor. – Proverbs 21:21

A good name is more desirable than great riches; to be esteemed is better than silver and gold. – Proverbs 22:1

UPDATE 1/19/13

Do not wear yourself out to get rich; have the wisdom to show restraint. – Proverbs 23:4

Do not speak to a fool, for he will scorn the wisdom of your words. – Proverbs 23:9

Do not let your heart envy sinners, but always be zealous for the fear of the Lord. – Proverbs 23:12

Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your hear rejoice, or the Lord will see and disapprove and turn his wrath away from him. – Proverbs 24:17

Like a city whose walls are broken down is a man who lacks self-control. -Proverbs 25:28

Like a madman shooting firebrands or deadly arrows is a man who deceives his neighbor and says, “I was only joking!” – Proverbs 26:18-19

Without wood a fire goes out; without gossip a quarrel dies down. – Proverbs 26:20

UPDATE: 1/25/13

Let another praise you, and not your own mouth; someone else, and not your own lips. – Proverbs 27:2

Anger is cruel and fury overwhelming, but who can stand before jealousy? – Proverbs 27:4

The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer from it. – Proverb 27:12

As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man. – Proverbs 27:19

He who works his land will have abundant food, but the one who chases fantasies will have his fill of poverty. – Proverbs 28:19

He who trusts in himself is a fool, but he who walks in wisdom is kept safe. – Proverbs 28:26







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