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This page is setup for those that have followed a link from another website, YouTube, or some other place online to a resource on the former site of Family Life University.

Family Life Universtiy was the ministry started by Eric and Marissa Dingler who have now taken their passion and calling and have realized that God’s calling on us is to plant a church.

In an effort to keep our focus and lead ourselves, our family and our team well, we have consolidated everything from Family Life University to

Below are our most popular post from Family Life University.  For more about our church plant, you can visit Coastal City Church.

Did you expect to find a resource from Family Life University?  We still want to deliver on any expectation and promise.  Please use the contact form on this page and let me know what you were looking for.

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How To Make A Family Board Game

How To Make A Family Board Game Playing board games tends to be really popular or something hardly ever done in a family.  In this video, we share how to take your family board game playing to the next level. Update:  We no longer sell the kits to make your own family...

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How To Build A Pop Bottle “Rocket” Launcher

How To Build A Pop Bottle “Rocket” Launcher

At one time in my life, this website was dedicated to helping leaders lead at work and at home. While these are core foundations I still teach, I now offer the "leading at home" content through new blog posts on the website of the weeknight church in Virginia Beach we...

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10 Activities With A Roll Of Tape

10 Activities With A Roll Of Tape   Your family can have a lot of fun for less then $1.00.  With some tape and a bit of imagination, the sky is the limit.   A Pillar Of Parenting Influence is built on the foundation of trust.  This statement is packed with truth...

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