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update 1.27.15  Below I explore eight leadership principles from the workplace that are at play in my physical fitness life.  Why?  Leadership Happens Everywhere.  

However, I’ve also experienced the negative side of this lately.  Vision Leaks.  I lost sight of the goal, I started cutting corners, I let myself slide back into old habits.  Basically, I started using “I’m to busy doing things right”  as an excuse instead of “being busy doing the right things, right.”  So, do I give up?  Nah, that would be what a total loser would do.

I’m back on track.  Literally, I’m back to running.  

I’m making this update because in leadership, vision leaks…but that is no excuse to put some air back in the vision balloon.  It didn’t pop, it just lost some air.

The picture on the left is me weighing in at 270 pounds. On the right, 6 months later and down 50 pounds.

After working off 50 pounds

Here are the leadership principles at work.

Have The Right Goal:  I have a greater purpose now to get healthy. My 28 month old and 4 month old. My goal is to be healthy enough to do the things they want to do.  I never want to say that we can’t do something because I’m out of shape.  If my kids want to plan a 1 month backpacking trip, then I’m going to be able to do that.  A long-term goal is to run a half marathon on each of my kids 21st birthdays.  I’m 37…means I’ll be running a half marathon at 58.  I plan to run my first half marathon this coming October.

The Elephant Principle: You’ve probable heard this; How do you eat an elephant?  Answer.  One bite at a time.  My wife and I were aware that there were lots of things we needed to change in our lives to get healthy.  We worked diligently and made one small change at a time.  Pushed on the flywheel day after day to get it moving faster and faster.

You Can’t Manage What You Don’t Measure:  I’ve been using Weight Watchers Online For Men to track everything I eat.  I now just use what I learned from WW and I’m keeping track in a journal.  I can see my intake so I can make plans to cut back and save up points for an upcoming buffet “opportunity” or know I have to pass on one more slice of pizza.

Look Ahead, Plan and Prepare: My wife plans our weekly menu so I know what I’ll be eating when I get home from work.  This helps me make decisions throughout the day for my points “budget”.  I also plan what I’ll order at a restaurant before getting there.  This way, I’m not as likely to make negative impulse decisions.

Distractions Must Go:  We got rid of TV.  It’s amazing how much more we do together as a family, how much more we move and how much more of a social life we now have.

Take Ownership, Stop Blaming Others For Your Situations: I’m the only one who ever put food in my mouth.  I had to be honest with myself.  I have a problem with Gluttony.  So, I started to study the Bible to see what it says about Gluttony and self-control. I’ve approached this as an opportunity for spiritual growth and increased self-control. I’ve decided to let God handle the struggle side of getting in shape and I’ll handle the work side.

Get The Right People In The Right Seats:  I’m not a “detail” person.  My wife however…well, without her I’d be lost in this journey.

Do The Work: Notice I didn’t say “I’ve lost the weight”.   If something is lost, you don’t know where it is nor most likely how it got there. I didn’t lose weight.  I took control and got rid of it on my journey to be more healthy.

What is a workplace leadership principle you often see at work in your personal life?



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