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My last post, 3 Ways To Communicate To Your Kids They Matter got a lot of positive comments on Facebook.  So, I thought I’d pull my laptop out, hit the keys

My beautiful wife; Marissa

My Beautiful Wife, Marissa

and share 3 tips to help husbands communicate their wife matters.

  • Screen Free Time – Set aside 1 hour after the kids go to bed of zero screen time.  No TV, no phones, no tablets, nothing.  Just talk, play a board game, help clean up the kitchen.  Whatever your wife wants.
  • Her First – The first person I talk to (or ask to talk to) when I get home is my wife.  After her and I exchange a quick kiss, then I reconnect with my kids.  But to me, my wife is first.  Her and I are one flesh.  Without her, I’m only half of what I can be.  (Bonus Tip: I’m sitting the bar for my future son-in-law real high, good luck boy!)
  • Random Card Day – Pick a random day right now and mark “Random Card Day” on your calendar.  Whatever happens that day, bring your wife home a card with a handwritten love note inside.

Real men never stop pursuing their wives.  The chase didn’t end at the wedding alter, that was just a pitstop in our never ending race.

I’d love to hear your idea or thoughts on Facebook.

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