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Three quick ideas to inspire you to some proactive parenting.

Parenting success isn’t about one or two moments.

Great parents don’t just stumble into success.  Parenting is hard.  And parenting joy and success is found in small gestures repeated thousands of times.

So for today, here are just three quick ideas to elevate your communication to your kids that they matter.

  1. Your Calendar.  I just went through my calendar for the next six months and added a lunch once per week with one of my kids.  These may never be deleted.  They can be moved to any day Monday through Thursday that week.  But, deleting one is a non-negotiable.  Some people have to wait weeks to get an appointment on my calendar.  But my kid’s never will.  They will grow up and knowing that they made it on my busy calendar first.  They got to have lunch with me once a week.  And, just me.  We take 1 picture with my phone of us out, and then the phone goes in airplane mode.  Don’t make your kids compete with your email or Facebook.
  2. Contact.  Never leave or enter your house without the last and first things being a gentle touch, hug, kiss etc along with eye contact and a kind word.
  3. Brag on them.  Let your kids hear you talking them up.  Not about their jump shot or their last dance routine, but a character issue.  Don’t brag about what they do, but who they are.  If you make a bigger deal about what they do, than who they are….they are going to think that you care more about what they can accomplish over how they accomplish what they do.

What do you do to create repeatable moments that connect you and your kids?

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