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Here are 3 ideas to create and surprise your kids with something out of the box they didn’t see coming….after all, aren’t those some of the strongest memories you have?

Image courtesy of Ambro at

Image courtesy of Ambro at


1. Have a surprise birthday party.  


Your kids birthday isn’t for three more months?

WHO CARES!!!  That’s the surprise part of the idea…and…they won’t see it coming.

Have a cake, ice cream, get ’em a gift and talk about how you felt when you first held them.

See there.

That’s the key.

Talk with them about how you felt, what kind of parent you want to be, your hopes and dreams for their character as a person.

2. Create a cave in your walk-in closet.

If you don’t have a walk-in closet, buy a new house.

It’s worth it.

Of course, only do this if you are debt free, have 3 to 6 months of an emergency fund saved, can make a 20% down payment and all the other wisdom shared by Dave Ramsey.

Back to the cave…

Make the cave.  Cover the top three quarters of the door opening with a sheet.  Use couch cushiness, mattresses, a Discovery Kids 77 Piece Build and Play Construction Fort…whatever you have…to build a tunnel to crawl through to get into the cave.

Get everyone in helmets (use aluminum foil if that’s all you’ve got), grab some flashlights, pack some food, checkers or other board game and anything else you can think of for fun.

With the lights off, go caving.

Talk with your “spelunking friends” about how this could be scary for you if it wasn’t for them.  Tell them that you are so happy to have them in all of your adventures.  Let them know that as a family, you may not have it all together…but together you have it all. (tweet that)

3. Have a garage?  

Turn it into a drive-in movie theater.

Using whatever combination of viewing and listening technology you have, you can create a drive-in movie experience for your family.

In our house, we could either use our projector on top of our car aimed at the wall and our sound system speakers inside the car.  Or, we could use a laptop and portable speakers on the dash inside the car.

Take your food, beverages, a funny movie and your family to the “drive-in”.

Tell your kids how much you like hearing them laugh while enjoying life.  Let them know your strongest desire for them is that they enjoy the gift of life given them by God.  (now, be smart…don’t run your vehicle for heat or air while the garage door is down.  Only you can prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.)  

Notice the key at the end of each suggested adventure?  TALK!!!  Your kids are listening.

What suggestions or alterations do you have?
Would you like more post with these kinds of ideas for your family?


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