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Your family can have a lot of fun for less then $1.00.  With some tape and a bit of imagination, the sky is the limit.


A Pillar Of Parenting

Influence is built on the foundation of trust.  This statement is packed with truth that can be leveraged to help build into your kids a healthier character. The best way to build trust is spending time together as a family engaged in activity.  But, watching TV all night doesn’t get the job done. Communication is killed while watching TV.  To build and leverage trust, family members need to be:

  • looking at each other,
  • talking with each other and
  • practicing relationship skills.

When we got rid of our TV, most of the people in our lives thought we went off the deep end.  And, to be honest….it was really hard to do.  But looking back, neither one of us regret the decision in the slightest bit.

Getting rid of the TV isn’t for everyone.  We know lots of people who have TV and can go days without turning it on.  That wasn’t us.  We spent a lot of time in front of the TV.  Now that it’s gone, we have to be careful we don’t replace that habit with another bad habit.  So, we are intentional to fill empty time with family time.  Our kids are worth it.  Their futures and our marriage is worth it.

We hope this video entertains and inspires you to have some family fun.  If you want some help with what to do, we created an activity guide with 10 activities you can do with tape.  We’d love to hear what idea you have for an activity.  Drop us a note in the comments with your thoughts and suggestions.


Want More Family Fun Ideas?

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10 Ideas With Tape


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